Jess Zhang
House Plant Club

Developed a logo system of a geometric planter logo container, which changes out to a set of illustrated plants. I consulted on the product application and created House Plant Club’s identity system.

FIFA 2014 World Cup

Illustrated and painted A 100 ft. long curved mural on a Brazilian soccer battle to celebrate the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Located at:
Art Center College of Design
870 S Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Birth of Flower
Album Cover

Concepted the 2nd EP cover for Birth of Flower: Some Old Ways of Thinking by collaging together a piece that matched the album’s theme. I also proposed a logo for all future album covers.

Keith Haring
Print & Interactive Installation

A hollistic perspective on Keith Haring's philosophies, inspirations, and psychological struggle against AIDS. Diving deeper to his influencers to understand how he influences. 

NDNF 2016 Booklet
Print Design

Booklet designed under the New Directors New Films design guidelines established by the team for MoMA and Film Society Lincoln Center. The booklet accompanied banner ads and a trailer within the same identity system.

Senior Art Director: Elle Kim
Senior Designer: Vanessa Lam
Graphic Designer: Jess Zhang

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